zodiac sign thing

aries- emo

taurus- weak ass bitch

gemini- ass lovin trash

cancer- water loving son of a bitch

leo- asshole who thinks theyre funny

virgo- pokèmon master

libra- loser nerd

scorpio- swaggy cool kid

sagittarius- shrek worshipper

capricorn- annoying piece of uncool

aquarius- boobie lovin cunt

pisces- bee movie jerk

kimdepeaza said:
5 most beautiful Leo characters!

ahhhhh oh god

1. jack dawson obv/romeo (they look the same)
3. jay gatsby
4. frank wheeler
5. either amsterdam vallon or king louis/philippe i think (but jordan belfort is a close 6) (this is so hard)

Anonyme said:
Top 5 facial expressions

omg idk????????
1. i like happy faces and spontaneous smiles
2. but sad faces also speak to me
3. confused expressions can be funny
4. i love the look on peoples faces when theyre focusing on doing something like reading or writing
5. i also love the expressions people have when they talk about something they absolutely love

top five albums

oh gosh

1. born to die - ldr
2. insomniac - enrique iglesias
3. am - am
4. ultraviolence - ldr
5. history - michael jackson

top 5 fav movies (sorry, im not creative)

omg dont worry thank you for asking!!!!

1. titanic (yes i know)
2. potc 123 (i reeeeeeeeally dislike 4 for a lot of reasons)
3. lotr/hobbit
4. inception
5. either the curious case of benjamin button or blood diamond!

malcobbs said:
top 5 ships from orlando movies :x

2. legolas x gimli (as a brotp!!)
3. drew x claire
4. shy x andrea
5. maybe legolas x tauriel (though i feel kili x tauriel more but i also like her with legolas)

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game of thrones + pretty colors (pt. II)

game of thrones + pretty colors (pt. II)

rangeelaa said:
top 5 musicians & songs :)

yay thanks!!!!

1. enrique iglesias
2. lana del rey
3. alex turner
4. michael jackson
5. IDK maybe justin timberlake

songs (omg this is too hard tbh i dont really have 5 favourite songs but these are 5 songs i really like):
1. para que la vida - enrique iglesias
2. if you believe - sasha
3. ring my bells - enrique iglesias
4. summertime sadness - lana del rey
5. time - hans zimmer (not really a song i know but i love it)


put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go